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Kaaren Henderson, founder of BODY FENG SHUI, is a master of personal energetic shifts that transform lives. By allowing their authentic personality and ageless beauty to shine forth into the world, graduates produce physical, emotional and economic success beyond measure. Kaaren's program is the new "Dress for Success." People who have experienced Kaaren's BODY FENG SHUI workshop exclaim, "You've lightened up my life, and put a permanent smile on my face. I was hiding my power. Now, I love who I am and I love the way I look!"
Bring forth a "you" that you have only dreamed existed. BODY FENG SHUI creates amazing energetic shifts by harmonizing your style with your spirit. True personal power cannot be acquired from outside of you, however, it can be enhanced and developed from within. When you make subtle changes in your clothing and hair, your charisma comes through. Your body's energy actually shifts. The “It” factor happens for you!

BODY FENG SHUI is a new concept, seeing your body as the key to freeing your inner chi. How do you then translate your inner chi into your signature style? What is the texture of your skin and hair? Which styles compliment your own shapes, colors and textures? How your body moves reveals who you are and which cuts and fluidity are the best looks for you. By using new scientific information about the source of all personality types and combining it with ancient Feng Shui principles, your personal power is unleashed. We promise!


BODY FENG SHUI helps you easily make choices so that everything in your wardrobe and home “work together.” You’ll conquer stores quickly, saving time, energy and money! You’ll see the difference in how people perceive and receive you. When you talk… the world will listen. What better way to have your dreams come true! Your success is our passion!

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