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Kaaren Henderson is an innovator, successful businesswoman, public speaker, and author. She developed a passionate interest in what she now calls BODY FENG SHUI over ten years ago. It made profound changes in her life and helped her more than triple her income. Throughout her many experiences, Kaaren knows how quickly others form judgments about us based on our outward appearance. She loves seeing everyone know how powerful and how beautiful (or handsome) they truly are! Your success is her passion.

Kaaren Henderson, founder of Feng Shui for the Body, is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University. She launched The Search Network, a San Diego based executive recruiting firm in 1979, which is still successfully placing candidates. Her interviews of over 6000 job applicants give her a wealth of knowledge to share about how to present one's best self.

Through the years, Kaaren observed that if she were presenting two equally qualified candidates to her clients, the one who presented his self most effectively would get the job. Because of
her desire to help her candidates succeed, she starting taking courses about dressing for success, body language, communication skills and personal growth. She began meditating and walked with one foot in the business world and one in the metaphysical world.

During the last recession in 1990, Kaaren created a Career Mentor program for the engineering students at San Diego State. She and over 100 volunteers helped the new grads find jobs in a very tough economy. Kaaren's entrepreneurial efforts also include establishing Alive Interiors, a business that interior plantscaped all the model homes for Corky McMillan and other top builders. Additionally, she was the editor of Today in Northern Virginia. Since Kaaren joined the magazine when it was a start up, she did all the copy and layout for the magazine. She developed her design skills and an eye for beauty.

Kaaren became a licensed image consultant out of her quest to know more and be more effective. In 1990, she discovered Feng Shui. Her passionate interest drove her to study more and more. Then, Kaaren saw that image consulting needed more depth. It was so oriented toward camouflage and fixing faults. Body Feng Shui evolved out of her search and studies with the TLC group in Kauai. Kaaren has been teaching seminars and working with individuals for the last four years. It honors the gift of who you truly are and sees the natural beauty of you.
Harmonizing Your Spirit and Your Style
Benefits You Can Expect From Implementing Our Body Feng Shui Training…..
  • Aligns you with your true beauty and power
  • Enhances your ability to be seen clearly and to magnetically attract others
  • Look five to twenty years younger than your real age with no plastic surgery
  • Increases your feeling of confidence and well being
  • Shop in less than half the time
  • Save money! You will quit buying things that hang in the closet and just don’t seem to get worn
  • Learn the underlying secret of all personality typing systems
  • Facilitates your understanding of yourself and others and explains personal differences.
  • Gain greater success in business and personal relationships
  • Love yourself and your body more when you look in the mirror. Give up being drawn to criticize your “trouble spots.”
  • Connects you to your body and unique rhythm to give you the gift of true self-knowledge
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