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Kaaren Henderson, founder of Feng Shui for the Body, is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University. She launched The Search Network, a San Diego-based executive recruiting firm in 1979, which is still successfully placing candidates. She studied Body Feng Shui in Kauai and graduated from an advanced program with the TLC Group there.
For thousands of years, Chinese Feng Shui masters have studied natural and man made environments and their impart on people. Knowing that the elements of nature and the stresses of modern society affect the quality of our lives, they learned how to create harmonious environments, which, by their very design, attract the best possible health, wealth and positive relationships.
We usually think of Feng Shui as it applies to the placement of buildings and objects to create a positive flow of energy, commonly called Chi. BODY FENG SHUI demonstrates that the positive flow of Chi in the body is affected by the clothing you wear. You have a unique signature frequency. When you wear clothing that is in harmony with your energy field, you look radiant, younger, thinner, more powerful and more approachable at the same time.
Our research shows the dynamics of what you wear, how you move, and other factors we define as a fashion and style influence our energy and personal well being, either positively or negatively. Dress for Success is an everyday household term. Dressing for health and well- being is a new concept.
Body Feng Shui is a set of principles that create synergy in your body and being as you move through your life. Body Feng Shui is an everyday power tool that makes getting dressed easy, and fun. You’ll feel so good when you wear clothes make you feel great. You may feel especially drawn to it at times of transition, such as seeking a new career or a new relationship
Classical image consulting is about camouflage. Our clothing becomes a mask that wears us. The message is always about what is not good enough. We learn ways to hide flaws. Body Feng Shui is about recognizing the gift of who you really are and dressing so that your body, mind and spirit are aligned and clearly visible to others. The radiant beauty of you shines forth.
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